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January is when it's time to renew your FWJS Membership but you can still renew at any time! Join us at one of our monthly luncheons or send a check. Check our Membership page for details.

Previous Month(s) Wrap up
May Luncheon

Approximately forty-five members joined us for our luncheon to hear the Honorable Nozomu Takaoka, Consul General of Japan in Houston. He spoke about Japan’s current relationship with various countries around the world, including the continuing strong friendship between Japan and the U.S. The food was potluck, and as usual, was tasty and enjoyed by all. This was the first time CG Takaoka visited our society so it was important to show our best side – and we did. To those of you who were able to make this luncheon – Thank You!

June Luncheon

Our luncheon in June was an ikebana presentation by Sandra Prachyl with assistance from Yoko Cotton. Teruko Green brought in one of her beautiful ikebana arrangements also. All three are members of the Ikebana International Fort Worth Chapter as well as the FWJS. Sandra’s actual creation of several ikebana arrangements right in front of us was the best way to get a sense of Ikebana. Thank you to Chef Julia Dunaway who began her preparation from early Sunday morning to create our luncheon of Gomoku sushi so that the events committee can help in the assembly of the sushi under Julia’s guidance. Nobuko Foshee made and brought in the sunomono for the luncheon.

Origami and Calligraphy Demonstrations

Our members often volunteer to spread a better understanding of Japanese culture. On May 7th, several went to Westpark Elementary School in Benbrook to work with children on origami and calligraphy. In June, Asako Cosby, Haruko Herness, June Everly, Nobuko Foshee and Mitsue Crow went to Lily B. Clayton Elementary School in Fort Worth. We thank the volunteers for their time and skills – we know that these are all-day commitments of their time, but over one hundred children benefit from each of these demonstrations.

July Luncheon - Tanabata

July 19th 12:30pm - We will again observe the Tanabata or the Star Festival. Chef Julia Dunaway will be organizing multiple food stations and will be making her very popular yakisoba. We’ll also have takoyaki, onigiri, edamame and red bean ice cream. Chef Kevin Martinez will bring his food truck to serve yakitori. $12 for adults, $8.00 for children 8 – 12, free for children 7 and under. Marcia King will show us how to make kirigami (paper cutting), while Lisa Meyer and Lisa Reinhart will entertain us with the story of Tanabata using our kamishibai theater. We will also hang tanzaku on our wish tree.

Texas Rangers Japan America Friendship Night
Side Picture

August 17th - The Texas Rangers have set aside Monday, August 17th evening game as “Japan America Friendship Night.” The Fort Worth Japanese Society is organizing our group and leasing a bus to take us all there. The cost will be $50 per person ($34 for lower reserved seats discounted to $20 plus bus and tips/tax). We’ll meet in Fort Worth at about 5:15PM on the 17th to take the bus. We’ll provide more details, but make your reservation now by calling Harvey Yamagata at 817-737-9166, or Nobuko Foshee at 817-738-4524, or email

August - There is no luncheon in August
September Luncheon - The Legacy of Heart Mountain

Sept 13th - We will have pot luck for this luncheon, and while we are enjoying the food, we will play the movie “The Legacy of Heart Mountain,” an Emmy Award-Winning documentary story about the Japanese internment during WWII.

October - Japanese Garden Fall Festival

Oct 24th & 25th - Mark your calendars for the coming Fall Festival. More details and request for volunteers in a couple of months.


Dondoko Taiko Drum Group

This is one of our popular programs. If you want to learn how to play these Japanese Drums, have Sunday evenings open for practice, and have opportunities to perform at public events like the Japanese Garden Spring and Fall Festivals.

Japanese Classical Dance

This group meets every Monday, 11am-1pm, at the Yamagata Center. Please contact Teruko Greene at 817-294-2224 for more information. Mrs. Keio Miyamoto is the instructor.

Japanese Language Class

Spring Semester will start on Monday, January 20. Please refer to our school website for our refund policy.

Kurumi Ningyo

Join the 17 members who meet twice a month to work on these elegant works of art. The group meets on Wednesdays, 10am-2pm. Please contact Nobuko Foshee at 817-738-4524 for November and December schedule.

Member News

The 411

We’d like to know what our members are doing, and if we can, support you in your efforts. Please send all news to or to his address at 4220 Ridgehaven Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76116.




We have a couple of writers in our midst. Ian Yamagata just released his first work of fiction, The Mark of the Remaker. If you or some you know is interested in Heroic Fantasy, this mixture of adventure, science fiction and fantasy will capture the imagination. Mark of the Remaker is available at or at online booksellers such as





Eric Bakutis, son of David and BJ Bakutis is also an author. Here is what one reviewer wrote about Eric’s book, Glyphbinder: "...weaves a spell that captures the reader's attention and imagination and doesn't release them until the last page is read." --Ronald Garner, Editor, Silence in the Library Press. Glyphbiner is available at or at online booksellers such as


Charity News

Earthquake & Tsunami News

去る3月11日に起きました東北関東大震災、またその直後に東北地方太平洋沿岸を襲った大津波により、1万人を超える尊い命が奪われ、今なお1万人 を超す行方不明の方がいらっしゃることに、フォートワース日本人会の会員一同、心よりお悔やみ申し上げます。 また、日本にご在住の皆さまのご家族、ご友 人のご無事をお祈りいたします。

わが日本人会でも、こちらに居住する日本人および日本を愛する者たちとして、被災地から遠く離れたフォートワースで何ができるかを考え、今までに募 金活動やベイクセール、折り紙プロジェクトなど近郊団体などと力を合わせて行ってまいりました。 また、来月にフォートワース日本庭園で開催されます春祭 りでも、フォートワース姉妹都市協会などの他団体と同様に募金活動を行います。 それ以外にも、当会として募金活動や支援活動などに関わる際には、随時お 知らせしていく予定です。

現在、さまざまな団体、組織が義援金を募集しています。 オンラインや小切手送付にて寄付をお考えの方、アメリカ赤十字社( やダラス日本人会( でも、募金を受け付けていますので、ぜひご協力お願いいたします。




On Friday March 11th, a strong earthquake struck the north east part of Japan.  More than 10,000 people have lost their precious lives and about 16,000 people are still missing from earthquakes and subsequent huge tsunami caused by the quake.  Our thoughts go out to the people of Japan who were affected by the disaster.   We hope that your family and friends in Japan are safe and well.

We, Fort Worth Japanese Society, have been involved in Japan relief fundraising; bake sales, and senbazuru (thousand origami cranes) projects, cooperating with other organizations and societies in our local  communities, hoping we could be of some assistance to people in Japan, even though we are far away.  At the Fort Worth Japanese Garden Spring Festival in April, you will see our donation boxes as well as those many other groups, such as Fort Worth Sister Cities.  Regarding the details for upcoming relief activities and charities, we will keep you posted in our website.  

Other than ourselves, there are lots of organizations who are currently raising donations.  For those who wish to contribute to a relief fund by check or online, you can do so with American Red Cross of Dallas ( and Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth (

Though we are rather a small organization, we will continue to pray and assist people in Japan with relief fund and recovery effort.


Japanese Class of Fort Worth Japanese Society

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