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Japanese Conversation Club

The language school is sponsoring a new Japanese Conversation Club.
The launch date is Thursday, March 5th.
Click the following LINK to visit the website.

2020 Membership Dues

January is when it's time to renew your FWJS Membership but you can still renew at any time! Join us at one of our monthly luncheons or send a check. Check our Membership page for details.

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Previous Month(s) Wrap up
Oshogatsu Luncheon

TAbout a hundred of us celebrated the new year with a great Japanese potluck, entertainment by the children of the Japanese Language School and an exciting raffle where so many of us won prizes William Winston was the grand prize winner a round trip ticket to Japan, a generous donation by Japan Airlines

December Luncheon - Bazaar

Dec 1st - 2019 has been a very good year for our society, and the bazaar was no exception. Revenues exceeded $5,000, and after expenses, we netted about $4,000. Of course, it’s important for the society to raise funds from activities like the bazaar, but it’s also important that so many people enjoyed dining on okonomiyaki, yakisoba, taiyaki, obento, and the many Japanese confections made by the Wakabakai group. We also had an opportunity to do some very unique Christmas shopping like paper jewelry from Ina Crow, pottery from Running Bunny Pottery and Moyan Japanese Market.

February Luncheon - Gyoza Making and Gyudon

It was fun to see all of us making “ gyoza”(pork dumpling) The hard part was folding the thin noodle wrapping around the pork filling, but a surprisingly large number of people who had never made gyoza before learned quickly how to make very respectable examples of well folded gyoza Amazing hunger motivates us to learn quickly The easy part, of course, was the eating This was our appetizer and was soon followed with a bowl of gyudon (rice bowl with thinly sliced and marinated beef), made by Sam Sumner and Elishia Flowers

March Luncheon - Kodomo No Hi

Mar 15th - 12:30pm - We will observe Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) and enjoy a typical Japanese lunch of grilled sake ( rice, tonjiru ( and tsukemono vinegared vegetable) We’ll have various traditional Japanese games which are suitable for all ages as well as origami folding Adults 15 adults over 70 and children 8 12 12 children 7 and under are free.
Please RSVP by March 9th to Harvey Yamagata at 817 737 9166 or email harvey@yamagata 4 com or inquiries@fwjs org

Side Picture
Spring Festival in the Fort Worth Japanese Garden

Apr 25th & 26th - A highlight of Fort Worth’s Spring season is the Japanese festival in the Japanese Garden Our Society goes all out in helping to make this a great event, with volunteers demonstrating origami, calligraphy, games, kamishibai, tea ceremony, taiko drumming, koto, shakuhachi performance, kimono dress up, etc Volunteer sheets will be on the front table in the Yamagata Center You can also volunteer online via the FWJS website as well as contact the leads for each activity as shown on another page of this newsletter Put these dates on your calendars so you won’t miss the fun Please VOLUNTEER and volunteer early so we can properly plan for this event

May Luncheon - Tofu

May 17th 12:30pm - Tofu (bean curd) is a traditional component of Asian cuisine Originally popular throughout Asia, and today, the world It has a subtle flavor, so it can be used in savory and sweet dishes It is often seasoned or marinated to suit the dish and due to its spongy texture it absorbs flavors well It is most often treated as a meat substitute Nutritionally, tofu is low in calories, while containing a relatively large amount of protein At this luncheon, Chef Julia Dunaway will talk to us about this versatile food, its background, how its made and the many ways tofu can be prepared We will then dine on a favorite tofu dish, mabudofu (spicy tofu and pork) on white rice and tofu sukiyaki Adults 15 Adults over 70 and children 8 12 12 and children 7 and under are free.

Please RSVP by May 11th to Harvey Yamagata at 817 737 9166 or email harvey@yamagata 4 com or inquiries@fwjs org


Dondoko Taiko Drum Group

This is one of our popular programs. If you want to learn how to play these Japanese Drums, have Sunday evenings open for practice, and have opportunities to perform at public events like the Japanese Garden Spring and Fall Festivals.

Japanese Classical Dance

This group meets every Monday, 11am-1pm, at the Yamagata Center. Please contact Teruko Greene at 817-294-2224 for more information. Mrs. Keio Miyamoto is the instructor.

Japanese Language Class

For information, please click on the Language School link on the main menu.

Kurumi Ningyo

Join the 17 members who meet twice a month to work on these elegant works of art. The group meets on Wednesdays, 10am-2pm. Please contact Nobuko Foshee at 817-738-4524 for November and December schedule.