FWJS Programs and Events

Japanese Language Classes

We conduct Japanese Language classes each week. Many of the studenst are children of Japanese-American marriages, Americans who plan to visit or do business in Japan, and others who wish to broaden thier language skills. For further information on the Japanese language classes, please visit us at www.fwjs.org/school

Japanese Library

The Society maintains a large assortment of Japanese books which may be checked out at no expense to members. There are also Japanese language video tapes which may be rented or a small fee. Our library is open during the Kurumi Ningyo classes and DonDoko Taiko practices.

Calligraphy, origami, ikebana, folk dances and tea ceremony

Groups within our membership share their skills in various cultural activities. We are often requested to demonstrate these skills at area schools and organizations to promote a better understanding of things Japanese. You can also enjoy these demonstrations during the Spring and Fall Festivals in the Japanese Gardens of the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. The festival's calligraphy, origami, folk dances, and tea ceremony are provided by our Society.

Japanese Classical Dance

This group meets every Monday, 11am-1pm, at the Yamagata Center. Please contact Teruko Greene at 817-294-2224 for more information. Mrs. Keio Miyamoto is the instructor.

Taiko Drum Group

One of our more visible groups is the Taiko Drummers. This traditional Japanese drum group has members of all ages and has been invited to perform at numberous events. They were a hit during the Sun ans Stars Parade in downtown Fort Worth. They also performed at the celebration of American Airlines inaugural non-stop flight from DFW to Tokyo/Narita.

Practice is every Sunday, 6pm-8:30pm at the Yamagata Center. For more information contact Asako Cosby 817-737-6581. Join the group for fitness, fun, and performances.

Kurumi Ningyo

Join the 17 members who meet twice a month to work on these elegant works of art. The group meets on Wednesdays, 10am-2pm, and will meet on January 9th & 23rd and February 13th & 27th at the Yamagata Center. Contact Nobuko Foshee at 817- 738-4524.

The Sakura Chorus

For more information, contact Elaine Yamagata at 817-737-7600.

Sister Cities Program

The Society supports the Fort Worth Sister Cities Program, especially in its relationship with the City of Nagaoka, Japan. We assist in entertaining visitors from Nagaoka and participate in visits abroad to the Japanese city. We also provide scholarships to qualified local young people in need of financial assistance who wish to go abroad to Nagaoka as exchange students.

Monthly Activites and Luncheons

An activity is planned for each month, including luncheons, bazaars and even member tours to points of interest in Texas. The Sunday lunch is a good time for visitors to come by to get acquainted with us. Following the luncheon there are programs related to Japanese culture. The annual New Year's banquet is free to members and features a great variety of Asian and American food. Outstanding entertainment always follows. A newsletter is distributed to inform our members of current Society activites. Please click here if you are interested in becoming a member.

Other Activities

It's not unusual to find one of our members at city hall interpreting for visiting Japanese dignitaries. When called upon, we translate for students, business and at cultural exchanges between Fort Worth and Japan.

The Society maintains a close relationship with and acts as a liasion with the Japanese Consulate for the benefit of our members. We are continually on the lookout for projects which will improve Japanese-American relations.